Apr 21, 2021

Bulgaria is one of the most exciting countries in the Balkan area as well as one of the oldest countries in Europe. It can boast of diverse nature that thrives on the shores of the Black Sea and a combination of multiple cultures, including Greek, Slavic, Osman, and Persian. The country is still true to its traditional cuisine, music, and festive dancing culture. You probably already want to visit Bulgaria to see these wonders, but let’s have a deeper dive first! 1. Safety First Bulgaria is generally considered a safe country for tourists. The political situation has stabilized since the USSR’s collapse, so you can only see some architectural relics from those times. The COVID-19 rates in the country are quite high, but the borders are open, and you can visit the country if you are vaccinated and stick to the safety rules. 2. Diverse Architecture Bulgaria has seen multiple dramatic geopolitical changes, which influenced the architecture of its cities. If you visit the capital, Sofia, or any other big city, you will see a unique combination of Greek, Turkish, Persian, Slavik, and soviet buildings. It looks quite strange sometimes but also makes it very exciting to explore the cities. 3. The Cradle of History The Bulgarian city of Plovdiv is one of the oldest in entire Europe, or, as some sources claim, the oldest city of all! The approved start of the city’s history dates back to the 7th century B.C. If you enjoy visiting museums and historical landmarks, you won’t ever regret coming to Bulgaria. 4. A Wonder of Nature This country is a sweet spot for hikers and everyone who enjoys sightseeing. The landscapes of Bulgarian mountains and forests are astonishing! The country has some of the most appealing views of the Balkans. It’s also one of the best skiing resorts in Europe! 5. Wellness Destination The density of mineral water springs in the country is very high, so most hotels use them to provide high-quality wellness procedures to their guests. Combined with historical traditions, you can also get a hammam, sauna, a European spa, and a unique Bulgarian honey massage. 6. Great Value for Money Although Bulgaria is an EU member, it’s a lot cheaper to visit than many other countries. If you plan to get there from Europe, you can easily find tickets for less than €50 from the UK, Germany, Netherlands, Spain, Italy, etc. Besides, the country welcomes its guests with affordable hotels with spotless service (it can be less than €50 for fair 4 stars),  €2-€4 taxis even in the capital, and exquisite meals for just a few euros. There’s no catch with the prices! You always get a great result for the money you pay in this country. More to Know These are only some of the most obvious things that a traveler would get in Bulgaria. Remember that you will discover a lot more when you bring your eyes there! This country knows how to impress!


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