Implant Centre Martinko Offers Dental Veneers In Italy And Croatia

Jun 16, 2019

June 17, 2019 - /PressAdvantage/ - Implant Centre Martinko, based in Trieste, Italy, has announced that their dental veneers service is now available in Trieste, Italy and in Zagreb, Croatia. They want to point out that the dental veneers service is one of the ways in which people can achieve the “Hollywood smile” that they have been dreaming of. The dental veneers can be made from various kinds of materials but the most commonly used is ceramic because it has a natural appearance and is strong enough for the purpose.

Dr. Damir Martinko from Implant Centre Martinko says, “We’re so happy to announce that our dental veneers service is now available both in Italy and Croatia. With dental veneers, patients can achieve that perfect smile with only a minimal filing of the teeth. These are wafer-thin, shells of tooth-colored materials that are custom-fitted to the patient’s teeth for the purpose of covering the front surface of the teeth to enhance the appearance of the teeth, and thus greatly enhance the patient’s smile.”

The primary advantage of the use of dental veneers is that only the front part of the teeth will need to be filed. There are a number of problems that dental veneers can be used to fix. These include discolored teeth; teeth that are worn down; teeth that are uneven, misaligned, or irregularly shaped; teeth that are chipped or broken; and teeth with gaps between them. The discoloration of the teeth may be due to stains from tetracycline or other drugs, root canal treatment, or the presence of large resin fillings that can discolor the teeth.

The procedure for the installation of dental veneers usually require three visits to the dentist. The first one is for consultation while two more visits are needed for the production and application of the veneers. The first step is the diagnosis and planning of the treatment. During this visit, the dentist will assess the teeth to ensure that dental veneers can really be used for them. The dentist may also take some x-rays and possibly make some impressions of the teeth and mouth. Meanwhile, the personal data that they will initially receive from their patient will remain strictly within the clinic and will not be used for any other purposes.

Preparation of the teeth for a dental veneers service will usually require the removal of approximately 0.5 millimeter of enamel from the tooth surface, which is about equal to the thickness of the veneer to be installed. They want to stress that the filing will be minimal and it will be painless because of the use of local anesthesia. The dentist will also ensure that the chances that the patient will be suffering from hypersensitivity are minimized.

The dentist will then make a model or impression of the tooth. This will be used for the fabrication of the custom-fitted dental veneers. After the veneers have been fabricated, the patient will go to the dentist for the bonding of the veneers to the teeth. After preparing the surface of the tooth, the dentist will attach the veneer to the front of the tooth using a special cement. After the cement has been ascertained to have cured and hardened, the final adjustments are made. The patient may need to return to the dentist after a few weeks to ensure that the gums are responding well to the presence of the veneers.

An individual approach is always made for every patient. If the dentist has found that dental veneers are not appropriate for the patient’s dental situation, a different dental treatment will be offered. Implant Centre Martinko provides an individual approach with a comprehensive diagnostic evaluation, interview and consideration of the patient’s wishes. If they include dental veneers in the treatment plan, this means that dental veneers are an appropriate solution for that particular patient.

Those who are interested in dental veneers or other cosmetic dentistry services offered by Implant Centre Martinko may want to visit their website or contact them by phone or thru email.


For more information about Implant Centre Martinko, contact the company here:

Implant Centre Martinko
Dr. Damir Martinko
+39 (0) 4098-35469
Via Dante Alighieri 7, Trieste 34121 Trieste TS, Italy

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